blue-check Chiết khấu theo doanh số năm, tiền chiết khấu có thể giảm trừ vào hóa đơn năm sau

Công văn số 5077/CT-TTHT ngày 1/6/2017 của Cục Thuế TP. HCM về chính sách thuế (1 trang)
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blue-check Regarding PIT on promotions in cash (without holding lucky draw)
blue-check Special discount given to each shipment shall not be exempt from import duty
blue-check Goods used for sales promotion shall not be exempt from issuance of invoices
blue-check Charges for brokerage service for selling goods outside Vietnam shall be exempt from withholding tax
blue-check [Merged] - Regulation on sales promotion, trade fairs and exhibitions
blue-check Regarding conditions for deduction of discounts for imported goods
blue-check New regulations on sales promotion, trade fairs and exhibitions
blue-check It is required to present reasons for discount on exported goods in contract
blue-check Regarding VAT on brokerage service
blue-check It is required to register sales promotion programs upon inventory liquidation
blue-check Some issues relating to invoice and tax policies applicable to goods as gifts to customers
blue-check Payment discounts offered to consumers are exempt from PIT
blue-check Regarding PIT on incomes from winning prize outside Vietnam
blue-check Whether the discount offered for an agent is subject to PIT deduction or not
blue-check Payment discount paid to individual agents shall be deducted 1% PIT
blue-check Regarding trade discount, payment discount
blue-check Trade discounts under contracts are exempt from PIT
blue-check Regarding VAT on goods on sale promotion
red-check Regulations on developing, managing and runing national trade promotion program
blue-check Curative medicines are not used for sales romotion