Amendments to some procedures for licensing to import some goods items

fa-exclamation-circle Circular No. 10/2011/TT-BCT dated March 30, 2011 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade amending, supplementing, annulling a number of provisions on administration procedures in import and export field according to Resolution No. 59/NQ-CP (8.12.2009) dated December 17, 2010 of the Government on Simplification of Administration procedures under the function scope of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (16 pages)

This Circular is to amends and supplement to some regulations on administrative procedures provided in Circular No. 04/2006/TT-BTMfa-minus-circle related to license for import of sport guns; registered tariff quotas, import wood and sawn timber originating from Cambodia, etc. read more

Effected date: 15-May-2011


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