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  • fa-check-circle-o Circular No. 44/2018/TT-BCT - Round timber, sawn timber shall be suspended from the business of temporary import for re-export until December 31st, 2023 ( 15-Nov-2018)
    Under this Circular, round timber and sawn timber of headings 44.03, 44.07 originated in Laos and Cambodia shall be further suspended from the business of temporary import until December 31st, 2023. read more
  • fa-check-circle Merged document No. 12/VBHN-BNNPTNT - [Merged] - Regulations on extraction of forest products ( 28-Nov-2017)
    This document is to merge the amendments, supplements of Circular No. 17/2017/TT-BNNPTNT dated September 11th, 2017 to Circular No. 21/2016/TT-BNNPTNTfa-exclamation-circle dated June 28th, 2016 of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development on primary extraction, full utilization and secondary extraction of forest products.
  • fa-check-circle Official Letter No. 4707/TXNK-CST - It is allowable to re-export round woods, timbers ( 27-Nov-2017)
    According to this Official letter, the halt in licensing for import of round woods, timbers specified in Clause 1 Article 1 of Circular No. 37/2014/TT-BTC is only applied to the business form of temporary import for re-export. read more
  • fa-check-circle-o Law No. 16/2017/QH14 - Law on forestry ( 15-Nov-2017)
    This Law deals with management, protection, development and use of forests; forest products processing and trade. read more
  • fa-check-circle Official Letter No. 83/CTVN-ĐVHD - The new CITES Appendix is applied from January 2nd, 2017 ( 19-Apr-2017)
    The document is to request the Customs Authorities to note the effect of the new CITES Appendix which has been temporarily issued at Official letter No. 375/CTVN-DVHD dated December 27th, 2016 and is officially issued at Circular No. 04/2017/TT-BNNPTNT. read more
  • fa-check-circle Decision No. 419/QĐ-TTg - The national program on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through forest protection through 2030 ( 5-Apr-2017)
    This Decision takes effect from the date of its signing and replaces Decision No. 799/QD-TTgfa-minus-circle dated June 27th, 2012.
  • fa-check-circle Decree No. 147/2016/NĐ-CP - Forest environment service charges paid by hydropower generation establishments and clean water production and supply establishments shall be increased ( 2-Nov-2016)
    This Decree is to amend the regulations on beneficiaries of forest environment services and rates of forest environment service charge to be paid by hydropower generation establishments and clean water production and supply establishments. read more
  • fa-check-circle Decision No. 49/2016/QĐ-TTg - The Regulation on management of production forests ( 1-Nov-2016)
    This Decision regulates the Regulation on production forest management. This Regulation prescribes the management, protection, development and use of production forests, including land areas with or without forests, which have been allocated, leased or planned for forestry purposes by the State. read more
  • fa-minus-circle Circular No. 24/2016/TT-BNNPTNT - The list of wood types banned from export, exported under permit ( 30-Jun-2016)
    This Circular is to promulgate the List of round timber, sawn timber banned from export and the List of firewood or charcoal exported under permit read more
  • fa-exclamation-circle Circular No. 21/2016/TT-BNNPTNT - New regulations on exploitation of forest products ( 28-Jun-2016)
    This Circular takes effect from August 15th, 2016 and replaces Circular No. 35/2011/TT-BNNPTNTfa-minus-circle dated May 20th, 2011 read more
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