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  • fa-check-circle Decree No. 64/2018/NĐ-CP - Fines on administrative violations against regulations on animal feed shall be added ( 7-May-2018)
    In comparison with the earlier regulations, this Decree adds more violations against regulations on production and trading of animal feed subjects to fine. In particular: read more
  • fa-check-circle Official Letter No. 10375/BNN-TTr - It is temporarily prohibited from using Cyanuric acide, Dicyandiamide Ammelide in animal feed ( 14-Dec-2017)
    Relating to animal feed, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announces that it is temporarily banned from using the following chemicals in animal feed production: Cyanuric acide, Dicyandiamide and Ammelide. read more
  • fa-check-circle Circular No. 20/2017/TT-BNNPTNT - New regulations on management of animal feed ( 10-Nov-2017)
    This Circular regulates in details procedures for testing of new animal feeds; Use of antibiotic-containing veterinary medicines in livestock feeds and poultry feeds; Procedures for assessment and appointment of the entity vested with authority to grant certification of conformity of imported and exported animal feeds; Animal feed quality inspection, etc. read more
  • fa-check-circle Official Letter No. 7379/TCHQ-TXNK - Favoring preparation used for animal feed production is classified into HS code 3302.90.00 ( 9-Nov-2017)
    According to this Official letter, goods item which is preparation used for flavoring animal feed is suitable to be classified into heading 33.02, HS code 3302.90.00. read more
  • fa-check-circle Decree No. 100/2017/NĐ-CP - Circulation duration of animal feed shall be extended for more 18 months ( 18-Aug-2017)
    This Decree is to add Clause 5a to Article 29 of Decree No. 100/2017/ND-CP in order to prolong more 18 months of circulation duration with regard to products being animal feed and feed for aquaculture of which circulation duration expires between November 20th, 2016 and November 20th, 2017. read more
  • fa-check-circle Official Letter No. 2508/TXNK-CST - Regarding VAT exemption for machinery, equipment imported for manufacturing of animal feed ( 10-Jul-2017)
    When a company imports special use machinery, equipment for manufacturing of animal feed, it shall base on the following documents in order to determine whether VAT is exempt or not: read more
  • fa-check-circle Decision No. 2625/QĐ-BNN-TY - Use of antimicrobial for disease prevention in animal husbandry will be prohibited ( 21-Jun-2017)
    This Decision is to promulgate “National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Use Management and Antimicrobial Resistance Prevention in Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture in the 2017-2020 Period”. read more
  • fa-check-circle Official Letter No. 18439/CT-TTHT - Regarding VAT on conveyor system used in animal feed production line ( 13-Apr-2017)
    The document is to reply to the issue relating whether conveyor system which is used in animal feed production line is machinery, equipment serving agricultural production exempt from VAT according to Article 3 of Law No. 71/2014/QH13 or not. read more
  • fa-exclamation-circle Decree No. 39/2017/NĐ-CP - The new regulations on animal feed manufacturing and trading ( 4-Apr-2017)
    This Decree prescribes statutory requirements for commercial animal feed and aqua feed trading, utilization, experiment, certification, testing and regulatory management. read more
  • fa-check-circle Official Letter No. 468/CN-TẮCN - The road map for termination of importation and circulation of animal feeds with the use of antibiotics for growth promotion ( 31-Mar-2017)
    The document is to announce the roadmap for stop of importation and circulation of animal feeds with the use of antibiotics for growth promotion therein according to Circular No. 06/2016/TT-BNNPTNTfa-exclamation-circle . read more
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