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  • fa-check-circle Official Letter No. 2754/TCT-TNCN - Regarding PIT on income from provision of design consultancy service ( 23-Jun-2017)
    In case a company signs a contract to hire an individual to carry out the design consultancy service, if this person has been granted the independent practicing certificate and has obtained tax and business registration, income from the design consultancy service shall be subject to personal income tax (PIT) in accordance with regulations applied to the business individual provided at Circular No. 92/2015/TT-BTCfa-exclamation-circle . This service provider shall himself/herself declare and pay tax. read more
  • fa-check-circle Circular No. 13/2016/TT-BXD - New regulations on contest and selection of architectural designs ( 29-Jun-2016)
    This Circular regulates entities, forms and requirements of contest and selection of architectural designs. read more
  • fa-minus-circle Circular No. 13/2013/TT-BXD - Approval regulation for works construction design ( 15-Aug-2013)
    This Circular prescribes the verification, appraisal and approval for technical design for works implementing three-step design, construction drawings design for works implementing one-step or two-step design and other designs which are carried out following fundamental design specified in Article 20 and Article 21 of the Government’s Decree No. 15/2013/ND-CPfa-minus-circle , dated February 06, 2013, on quality management of construction works. read more
  • fa-check-circle Official Letter No. 1245/BXD-KHCN - Temporary guidelines on apartment buildings ( 24-Jun-2013)
  • fa-check-circle Circular No. 07/2012/TT-BXD - Estimating the expenditure on hiring foreign consultants ( 26-Oct-2012)
    Accordingly, depending on the particular condition of the project of investment in investment and the construction planning, the expenditure on hiring foreign consultants shall be estimated in one of the following ways: according to a similar counseling for a project of investment construction and the construction planning that was or has been provided in Vietnam by such foreign consultants; according to the percentage of the cost of construction and equipment (or the construction cost) on a unit of area (or population) of a similar planning that was or has been provided in Vietnam by such foreign consultants or combining the methods above. read more
  • fa-minus-circle Decree No. 114/2010/NĐ-CP - Design dossier must be attached work maintenance process ( 6-Dec-2010)
    Accordingly, where the construction works are put into operation the owners or their authorized representatives, the administrators, or the users shall be responsible for the maintenance works. read more
  • fa-exclamation-circle Decree No. 37/2010/NĐ-CP - New regulations on management of urban planning ( 7-Apr-2010)
  • fa-check-circle Decree No. 38/2010/NĐ-CP - The large - scale public works must be chosen through contests of architectural blueprints ( 7-Apr-2010)
    This Decree provides the management of urban space, architecture and landscapes; and defines the rights, obligations and responsibilities of organizations and individuals engaged in activities related to urban space, architecture and landscapes. read more
  • fa-minus-circle Circular No. 167/2009/TT-BTC - The fee for grating Certificate practicing architects and construction engineers ( 19-Aug-2009)
  • fa-minus-circle Circular No. 23/2009/TT-BXD - Guiding the contest and selection of design plan of construction work architecture ( 16-Jul-2009)
    This Circular provides some works required organizing the contest or selection of architectural design plans; forms of contest and selection of the plan; rights and responsibilities of agencies, organizations, and individuals involved in the contest or selection of plan. This Circular takes effect from September 01, 2009 and replaces Circular No.05/2005/TT-BXD dated 12/04/2005.
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