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  • fa-check-circle Decision No. 1997/QĐ-TTg - The consumer protection program in the period of 2016-2020 ( 18-Oct-2016)
    According to this program, in the period of 2016-2020, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will assume the prime responsibility for and coordinate with other Ministries, branches in deploying activities to protect consumers’ rights and benefits, such as: read more
  • fa-exclamation-circle Decision No. 35/2015/QĐ-TTg - Prepaid telephone, credit card and life insurance services for with contract forms must be registered ( 20-Aug-2015)
    According to this Decision, the following types of service are supplemented to “the List of essential goods and services for which contract forms and general transaction conditions must be registered” (must be registered contract forms): read more
  • fa-check-circle Circular No. 10/2013/TT-BCT - New registration form of contract as per sampled ( 30-May-2013)
    This Circular takes effect on May 30, 2013 and replaces the Decision No. 659/QD-BCT dated February 15, 2012 of the Minister of Industry and Trade on promulgating the application form of registration for model contracts and general transaction conditions.
  • fa-minus-circle Decree No. 19/2012/NĐ-CP - Fines for administrative violations in the consumer rights protection domain ( 16-Mar-2012)
    Accordingly, violation acts, sanctioning forms, levels, and authorities shall be regulated as follows: read more
  • fa-check-circle Decree No. 99/2011/NĐ-CP - Using model contract must be registered ( 27-Oct-2011)
    This Decree provides the protection of consumers in transactions with persons engaged in independent and regular commercial activities not subject to business registration; contracts with consumers and general transaction conditions; settlement of consumer right protection requests; social organizations engaged in consumer right protection; mediation of disputes between consumers and institutional or individual traders and state management of consumer right protection read more
  • fa-check-circle Law No. 59/2010/QH12 - Law on Consumer Protection ( 17-Nov-2010)
    This Law regulates the rights and obligations of consumers, the regulations prohibited the trading of goods or services to deceive, confuse or harass consumers through the marketing read more
  • fa-exclamation-circle Decree No. 45/2010/NĐ-CP - The organization, operation and management of associations ( 21-Apr-2010)

    read more

  • fa-minus-circle Decree No. 55/2008/NĐ-CP - Guiding the Ordinance on the protection of consumers interests ( 24-Apr-2008)
  • fa-minus-circle Decree No. 69/2001/NĐ-CP - Detailing the implementation of Ordinance on the protection of consumers’ interests ( 2-Oct-2001)
  • fa-minus-circle Decision No. 13/2001/QD-BKHCNMT date June 06th, 2001 of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment issuing the provisional regulation on certification of goods compatibility with safety standards ( 6-Jun-2001)
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