blue-check Welding material products shall be subject to anti-dumping duty from April 22nd, 2022

Decision No. 706/QD-BCT dated April 15th, 2022 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on imposition of provisional anti-dumping duties on some welding material products originating from Malaysia, the Kingdom of Thailand and the People’s Republic of China
Posted: 20/4/2022 11:03:09 AM | Latest updated: 26/5/2022 7:56:42 PM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5436 | Vietlaw: 562

Products to be subject to anti-dumping duty include 308 flux-cored stainless steel welding rods and solid steel welding wires which bear the following HS codes: 7217.10.10, 7217.30.19, 7229.20.00, 7229.90.20, 7229.90.99, 8311.10.10, 8311.10.90, 8311.30.91, 8311.30.99 and 8311.90.00 originating in Malaysia, the Kingdom of Thailand and the People’s Republic of China.

The anti-dumping duty rate ranges from 11.43% to 36.11% (with respect to welding rods) and from 15.30% to 36.56% (with respect to steel welding wires).

The anti-dumping duty shall be imposed for a period of 120 days, counted from April 22nd, 2022.

This Decision comes into force 07 days after the date of its promulgation.

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