blue-check From March 24th, 2022: Frequency of domestic flights shall not be subject to limitation

Decision No. 372/QD-BGTVT dated March 24th, 2022 of the Ministry of Transport on provisional guidelines regarding regular domestic passenger flights fulfilling safe, flexible adaptation, and effective control of Covid-19
Posted: 29/3/2022 8:34:17 AM | Latest updated: 15/4/2022 1:17:01 PM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5421 | Vietlaw: 556
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This Decision provides for new guidelines on frequency of domestic passenger air transport and requirements for COVID-19 control with regard to domestic passenger flights.

Accordingly, from March 24th, 2022, Vietnamese airlines are allowed to decide their own frequency of domestic flights depending on capacity and market demand rather than subject to limitation on frequency.

However, the airlines must adequately implement COVID-19 control measures in accordance with the regulations at Decision No. 218/QD-BYT dated January 27, 2022, guidelines of the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Control and Control and local authorities.

This Decision takes effect from the date of its signing.

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