blue-check From December 15th, 2021: Individual taxpayers may make online tax declaration on mobile devices

Dispatch No. 4899/TCT-CNTT dated December 14th, 2021 of the General Department of Taxation regarding the launch of eTax Mobile 1.0
Posted: 21/4/2022 9:37:06 AM | Latest updated: 8/5/2022 11:10:45 PM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5445 | Vietlaw: 559

The software for online tax declaration for use by individual taxpayers is the eTax Mobile application version 1.0 (V1.0), applies to mobile devices using iOS and Android platforms.

This software is designed with many functions (the details are at Appendix I attached to this Dispatch), such as:

- Register accounts for electronic transaction with tax authorities;

- Make electronic tax payment

- Search information such as: payable taxes; documents in relation to tax declaration, tax finalization dossiers; processing of tax documents; information on dependents, etc.

- Other features for taxpayers such as personal income tax calculation tools, vehicle registration fee calculation tools, etc.

Procedures for electronic tax declaration and payment are detailed at Appendix II attached to this Dispatch.

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