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Guidance No. 41/HD-TLD dated November 11th, 2021 of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor on trade unions’ participation in dialogues and implementation of grassroots democracy regulations at workplace
Posted: 18/11/2021 8:31:27 AM | Latest updated: 15/12/2021 5:13:57 PM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5340 | Vietlaw: 541

To ensure democracy regulations, Vietnam General Confederation of Labor requests trade unions to recommend enterprises to add these benefits and interests for employees:

- To make available to their employees new regulations on employees’ benefits and interests, conclusions of inspection, review or audit agencies, etc. concerning employees' benefits and interests.

- To allow employees to comment upon the followings: issues to be discussed in periodic dialogues; manner and outcomes of the collective bargaining; items to be disclosed to employees, disclosure methods, etc.

- To allow employees to make decisions on the right to join clubs, volunteer programs; rates of contribution to social funds or charitable funds in the workplace; annual sightseeing tours and vacations, etc. in line with the actual workplace situation.

- To allow employees to inspect and supervise the implementation of employee’s policies and benefits, especially employee support policies that employers are assigned by the state to carry out, employment termination, severance pay or unemployment compensations, etc.

This Guidance takes effect from the date of its signing and replaces Guidance No. 1360/HD-TLDstatus1 dated August 28th, 2019.

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