blue-check There are more 9 nations from which Covid-19 vaccination certificates shall be exempt from consular legalization

Official letter No. 3100/LS-PL dated August 13th, 2021 of the Consular Department regarding Forms of written certification of vaccination certificates and updated List of Forms of vaccination certificates/proofs of recovery from COVID-19 of foreign countries.
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Following 10 nations that have introduced Covid-19 vaccination certificates (Official letter No. 2974/LS-PL dated August 6th, 2021), the Consular Department continues to update more nations that have just introduced Forms of vaccination certificates, including:

1. The Federative Republic of Brazil: National certificate of Covid-19 vaccination;

2. The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka: Vaccination certificate;

3. Czech Republic: National certificate of vaccination; The EU Digital COVID Certificate;

4. The Kingdom of Morocco: Digital vaccination certificate;

5. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Medical record of Covid-19 vaccination;

6. The Republic of Armenia: Vaccination certificate;

7. The Federal Republic of Germany: The EU Digital COVID Certificate/Yellow vaccination booklet;

8. Russian Federation: Vaccination certificate;

9. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Certificate of Covid-19 vaccination of regions (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland).

Persons on entry into Vietnam that have any of the aforesaid certificates of vaccination, they shall be eligible to use them as the default without the consular legalization (Official letter No. 2974/LS-PL dated August 6th, 2021).

With regard to certificates of vaccination that have not yet introduced in Vietnam and ineligible for consular legalization, overseas Vietnamese representative missions shall grant the written certification to entrants as the basis for shortening their quarantine duration.

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