blue-check The Ministry of Health’s opinions about epidemic control upon resumption of tourism activities

Dispatch No. 920/BYT-DP dated February 26th, 2022 of the Ministry of Health regarding opinions about the draft plan on resumption of tourism activities under new normal conditions
Posted: 2/3/2022 11:16:50 AM | Latest updated: 16/3/2022 8:06:31 AM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5406 | Vietlaw: 551

To ensure absolute safety for tourists and the community, the Ministry of Health requests the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to consider amending certain provisions pertaining to COVID-19 prevention and control of the draft Plan on resumption of tourism activities as follows:

- The resumption of tourism activities should be based on the assessed level of the pandemic risk in each local government or area that is planned to provide services in relation to accommodation, sightseeing, entertainment, recreation, etc. and the local government needs to have a backup plan that responds to possible COVID-19 pandemic scenarios.

- The Plan should stipulate and clarify the responsibilities of local governments, tourism service providers, accommodation service providers and especially individual tourists in supervising, managing and following the pandemic safety protocols, paying attention to the inspection and supervision of testing, health declaration, implementation of 5K rules in the first days of entry into Vietnam (3 days for those who have had full doses of vaccine and 7 days for those who have not been vaccinated or have not had enough doses of vaccine).

- Eligibility criteria for tourists entering Vietnam: Have received full dose (s) of COVID-19 vaccine; Obtain the negative SARS-CoV-2 test result within 72 hours prior to the entry to Vietnam; Make health declaration prior to the entry and must use the health declaration application (PC-COVID); Within the first 24 hours (from the time of entry), the tourist may not leave the place of residence, etc.

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