blue-check Supports given to enterprises recognized as sustainable business enterprises

Decision No. 167/QD-TTg dated February 8th, 2022 of the Prime Minister on approving “2022-2025 program to support private sector enterprises in sustainable business”
Posted: 10/2/2022 12:55:21 PM | Latest updated: 30/6/2022 1:51:04 PM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5391 | Vietlaw: 570

Under this program, enterprises assessed and recognized as sustainable business enterprises will receive:

- Support for consultancy and training, including on-site training at enterprises on strategy formulation, design of sustainable business models and plans; personnel; finance, production, sale, market, internal administration and other contents related to production and business activities of enterprises.

- Support for domestic and overseas intensive training in application and development of sustainable business models.

- Support for technology, including search for, selection, decoding and transfer of technologies appropriate to enterprises; application of standards and technical regulations; costs of inspection, calibration, testing and measurement of quality of products and services; consultancy on intellectual property, exploitation and development of intellectual property; consultancy on selection of digital transformation solutions.

- Financial support for lease or purchase of digital transformation solutions; testing and completion of sustainable business products and models.

- Support for consultancy on access to finance and raising of investment

- Support for communication, trade promotion and market expansion for sustainable business products and services of enterprises; support for successful registration of accounts for sale of products and services on international e-commerce trading floors; financial support for maintenance of accounts on domestic and international e-commerce floors; financial support for renting locations, designing and erecting commodity booths, transport of products for display, travel, meal and accommodation expenses for enterprises’ representatives participating in exhibition fairs and trade promotion on a national and international basis.

This Decision takes effect from the date of its signing.


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Effective Date 8-Feb-2022
ExpiredDate Unknown
Published Vietlaw's Newsletter No. 570

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