blue-check Some recommendations for meals at enterprises during the Covid -19 pandemic

Official letter No. 1354/ATTP-NDTT dated July 14th, 2021 of Vietnam Food Administration regarding assurance of food safety and nutrition regime for workers, cadres participating in Covid-19 prevention and control at business establishments, industrial parks, quarantine areas
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This Official letter notes some requirements in processing, providing foods portions, organizing meals to enhance Covid-19 prevention and control at enterprises, industrial parks, quarantine areas.

Accordingly, the organization of meals for workers at enterprises, industrial parks must comply with these requirements:

- Provide personal food portions; arrange the receipt of food portions according to the one-way rule;

- When detecting Covid-19 cases, F1, F2 cases while performing quarantine, tracing, zoning, it is recommended to provide food portions for workers at each working location.

- Arrange meal shifts at different times, avoid crowded gatherings in canteens/dining rooms within the same time frame. It is recommended to arrange separate dining areas for each production workshop/production line/production team.

- Ensure a safe distance when eating; stagger seats pending on epidemic state. Install partitions between eating seats. It is recommended to number at eating seats for easily tracing.

- Avoid seating face to face, chatting when eating. Immediately leave canteen after eating to avoid unnecessary contact.

- Arrange hand-washing, hand-disinfecting areas before and after eating.

- Cleaning, collecting garbage, disinfecting right after each meal shift.

- Take measures to limit the use of cash or luncheon vouchers to pay for meals.

With regard to establishments providing foods, meals for business establishments, industrial parks: They are required to make commitment on Covid-19 prevention and control with industrial parks authorities, enterprises, local authorities; manage schedule and working time of workers; conduct periodical testing for all workers.

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