blue-check Some notes in relation to applications for admission/renunciation of Vietnamese nationality

Official letter No. 1145/HTQTCT-QT dated August 24th, 2023 of the Ministry of Justice regarding coordination in settlement of nationality applications
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The Bureau of Civil Status, Nationality and Authentication (the Ministry of Justice) notes that in order for applications for naturalization /restoration/renunciation of Vietnamese nationality to be ensured adequate documents and to be processed quickly, it is required to strictly follow the following requirements:

- Documents verifying the applicant’s identity of the public security agency in the application for naturalization/restoration/renunciation of Vietnamese nationality must include the conclusion about that the naturalization/restoration/renunciation is detrimental to Vietnam’s national interests;

- The application form, curriculum vitae in the nationality application are required to use the forms attached to Circular No. 02/2020/TT-BTP and it is required to declare fully, correctly information in the Application form, Curriculum vitae;

- The application for restoration of Vietnamese nationality must fully comprise the Judicial record according to the regulations at point dd clause 1 Article 24 of the Law on Vietnamese nationality;

- In case of application for restoration of Vietnamese nationality due to renunciation of Vietnamese nationality for naturalization in foreign nationality and rejected application for naturalization of the foreign nationality, it i required to present documents issued by foreign competent agencies stating in details reasons for rejection of naturalization of foreign nationality according to the regulations at point d clause 2 Article 15 of Decree No.16/2020/ND-CP.

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