blue-check Requirements upon making fire prevention and fighting designing for works according to foreign standards

Official letter 3906/BXD-KHCN dated September 21st, 2021 of the Ministry of Construction regarding application of foreign standards in construction activities
Posted: 5/10/2021 10:42:42 AM | Latest updated: 12/5/2022 5:06:13 PM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5305 | Vietlaw: 530

According to opinions of the Ministry of Construction, investors may select foreign standards to apply to construction works in Vietnam, including standards on designing of safety solutions to fire prevention and fighting.

However, it is required to note that foreign standards on designing of safety solutions to fire prevention and fighting for construction works must be equivalent to or higher than QCVN 06:2021/BXD of Vietnam. If contents in foreign standards have lower requirements, it is required to apply according to QCVN 06:2021/BXD.

In addition, upon selection of foreign standards to apply, it is required the evaluation of compatibility, synchronization and the compliance with national technical regulations in the course of making construction design notes for works according to regulations at Decree 15/2021/ND-CP.

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