blue-check Requirements of specialized inspection of imported building materials

Official letter No. 1906/BXD-VLXD dated May 26th, 2021 of the Ministry of Construction regarding issues relating to implementation of Circular No. 19/2019/TT-BXD
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Currently, the List of imported building materials subject to post-clearance specialized inspection is promulgated at Table 1 of Circular No. 19/2019/TT-BXD by the Ministry of Construction.

Specifications of specialized inspection with regard to imported building materials are also instructed by the Ministry of Construction at Official letter No. 504/BXD-VLXD dated February 13th, 2020.

The requirement of submission of specialized inspection documents upon importing group 2- commodities is regulated at Clause 3 Article 1 of Decree No. 74/2018/ND-CPstatus2 according to the principles below:

- If the national technical regulation allows declaring regulation conformity according to results of self-assessment of regulation conformity enterprises or certification results of certifying organizations that have registered or have been recognized, upon the import, it is only required to submit the application for specialized inspection (certified by the inspection agency). This is considered to be the “post-clearance inspection”.

- If the national technical regulation requires to declare regulation conformity according to certification results of appointed certifying organizations, upon the import, it is required to submit the Notice of results of specialized inspection. This is considered to be the “pre-clearance inspection”.

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