blue-check Removal of the regulation on submission of household register booklet, temporary residence register booklet upon carrying out administrative procedures

Decree No. 104/2022/ND-CP dated December 21st, 2022 of the Government on amendments to Decrees on submission and presentation of household register booklets, temporary residence register booklets upon carrying out administrative procedures or providing public services
Posted: 23/12/2022 8:58:49 AM | Latest updated: 25/9/2023 8:12:40 AM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5608 | Vietlaw: 594
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This Decree removes the regulation on submission of household register booklet, temporary residence register booklet upon carrying out administrative procedures as regulated in the following Decrees:

1. Decree No. 61/2015/ND-CPstatus2 regarding application for loans from the National Employment Fund with regard to employees;

2. Decree No. 146/2018/ND-CPstatus2 regarding application for registration to buy family-based health insurance; application for settlement of health insurance regime;

3. Decree No. 116/2016/ND-CPstatus2 regarding application for entitlement to the policies to support students in severely disadvantaged areas;

4. Decree No. 105/2020/ND-CPstatus2 regarding application for lunch assistance benefit for preschool children facing difficulties;

5. Decree No. 81/2021/ND-CPstatus2 regarding application for tuition fees reduction, exemption;

6. Decree No. 168/2016/ND-CPstatus2 regarding application for contracting forests with regard to individuals, households;

7. Decree No. 100/2015/ND-CPstatus2 regarding documents for determination of households and individuals entitled to buy social houses;

8. Decree No. 137/2013/ND-CPstatus2 regarding application for purchase of electricity for daily living of households;

9. Decree No. 99/2015/ND-CPstatus2 regarding application for lease, purchase of old houses owned by the State;

10. Decree No. 134/2016/ND-CPstatus2 regarding application for tax exemption with regard to belongings of Vietnamese citizen who resides overseas; application for duty exemption with regard to goods traded among border residents;

11. Decree No. 43/2014/ND-CPstatus2 regarding documents for certifying households, individuals that are stably using land;

12. Decree No. 19/2011/ND-CPstatus2 regarding application for adoption;

13. Decree No. 150/2018/ND-CPstatus2 regarding documents for establishment of representative office in Vietnam of a foreign publishing house in relation to the representative office’s head;

14. Decree No. 123/2015/ND-CPstatus2 regarding application for civil status registration;

15. Decree No. 45/2021/ND-CPstatus2 regarding application for establishment of the Cooperative Development Support Fund;

16. Decree No. 131/2021/ND-CPstatus2 regarding application for recognition of fallen heroes;

17. Decree No. 11/2021/ND-CPstatus2 regarding application for assignment of certain sea areas to organizations and individuals for exploitation and use of marine resources;

18. Decree No. 20/2021/ND-CPstatus2 regarding application for social assistance policy;

19. Decree No. 57/2017/ND-CPstatus2 regarding application for priority policies for enrollment.

Instead of submitting the household register booklets, temporary residence register booklets, individuals may prove their residence by any of the following documents: citizen identity card, identification card, certificate of residence information, notice of personal identification number and citizen information in the National Population Database.

This Decree takes effect from January 1st, 2023.


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Effective date 1-Jan-2023
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