blue-check Regarding conditions to include grants to Covid-19 prevention and control into deductible expenses

Official letter No. 4952/TCT-CS dated December 17th, 2021of the General Department of Taxation regarding tax policy on enterprise's/organization’s grants to prevention and control of Covid-19 pandemic
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Conditions to include grants supporting, financing Covid-19 prevention and control activities are regulated at Decree No. 44/2021/ND-CP. Accordingly, these grants shall be included in deductible expenses when these conditions are satisfied:

(i) Grants to Covid-19 prevention and control in Vietnam (it is not applied to grants to Covid-19 prevention and control outside Vietnam);

(ii) Grants are given to the recipients as specified in clause 2 Article 2 of this Decree (including hospitals, schools, centralized quarantine facilities, press agencies, charitable and humanitarian funds, and organizations incorporated and operating under law that have fund-raising function, etc.);

(iii) The dossier of grants is adequate, including: A written confirmation of grants (physical or electronic form) with signatures and seals of the representative of the grant-giving enterprise and the representative of the grant recipient; enclosed with legal proof of the grants.

Notably, the regulations on cost accounting with regard to grants to Covid-19 prevention and control at Decree No. 44/2021/ND-CP are only applied to the taxable enterprise income period of 2020 and 2021.

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