blue-check Guidelines for professional training in occupational health

Circular No. 29/2021/TT-BYT dated December 24th, 2021 of the Ministry of Health on guidelines for professional training in occupational health
Posted: 27/12/2021 7:32:43 AM | Latest updated: 23/5/2022 11:05:25 AM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5367 | Vietlaw: 561

This Circular provides guidelines for training contents, curriculums, syllabuses and length and management of training programs for occupational health certification prescribed in clause 4 Article 73 of the Law on Occupational Safety and Health No. 84/2015/QH13.

This Circular applies to health workers at manufacturing and business establishments, including doctors, preventive medicine physicians, bachelors of nursing, physicians, intermediate-level nurses and midwives.

According to Article 3, those who study to obtain the certificate of training in occupational health shall be trained according to the mode of full time and the minimum length of training is 40 hours. Then they shall attend the refresher training in occupational health every 5 years.

This Circular takes effect from February 6th, 2022.

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