red-check Quy định mới về xây dựng và khai thác bến cảng thủy nội địa

Nghị định số 08/2021/NĐ-CP ngày 28/1/2021 của Chính phủ quy định về quản lý hoạt động đường thủy nội địa (146 trang)
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Inland Water transportation

light-check Policies to encourage development of inland waterway transport from 2022
blue-check Planning for infrastructure of inland waterways for the 2021 – 2030 period
light-check Amemdments to procedures for application for passenger transport on fixed routes from shores to islands
blue-check It is exempt from the certificate of enterprise registration upon applying for the certificate of eligibility for provision of training for crewmembers
red-check New guidelines on traffic circulation on inland waterways
blue-check Fines imposed on inland waterway navigation violations from January 1st, 2022
blue-check New regulaitons on inland waterway survey
red-check Guidelines on determination of costs and prices in maintenance of inland waterway
blue-check New regulations on bidding for provision of national inland waterway maintenance services
red-check The regulations on issuance of certificates of competency and qualifications of seafarers
blue-check New regulations on minimum safe manning aboard inland waterway vessels
blue-check New regulations on use of safety corridors at river, stream in Ho Chi Minh city
red-check Curriculums for training crewmembers applicable from 2017
blue-check Promulgation of new National technical regulation on life-jackets for national reserve
blue-check New National technical regulation on life-jackets for national reserve
blue-check The amendments to economic - technical norms for the management and maintenance of inland waterways
red-check Conditions for establishment of institutions providing training for crewmembers
red-check New regulations on inland waterway management
blue-check Criteria of classification of inland waterway ports under the management of Ministry of National Defense
blue-check The new regulations on transport of cargo on inland waterways