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Official letter No. 151/CTPN-KT dated May 23rd, 2022 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade regarding announcement of issuance of certificate of origin (C/O)
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The Bureau for Justice Affairs in Southern Provinces and Cities (the Ministry of Industry and Trade) announces that from May 24th, 2022 all C/O forms shall be issued free from fees to enterprises according to the guidelines at Official letter No. 552/VP-KT dated May 19th, 2022.

However, the free issuance of C/O forms (without collection of fees) shall be based on the following principles and criteria:

- For each category of C/O form, enterprises only register to receive new ones after they have used up all the previously received quantity.

- The quantity of forms shall be issued according to each 7 - day usage cycle based on the registered quantity depending on each enterprise's business plan.

- Enterprises shall themselves declare and wholly take responsibilities for the accuracy of declared information when they register for C/O issuance.

- Upon receiving C/O forms, enterprises have to submit an Official letter indicating the following information: name, address, tax ID number of enterprises, quantity of each form to be used within the 7 - day usage cycle.

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