blue-check New regulations on issuance, revision of Citizen Identity Cards

Circular No. 59/2021/TT-BCA dated May 15th, 2021 of the Ministry of Public Security on elaborating to Law on Citizen Identity Card and Decree No. 137/2015/ND-CP dated March 31, 2015 elaborating to Law on Citizen Identity Card and amendment thereto under Decree No. 37/2021/ND-CP dated March 29, 2021
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This Circular regulates in details the update, revision of citizen information on the national database and the issuance and management of Citizen Identity Cards.

According to Article 11 of this Circular, a Citizen Identity Card may be issued, revised at place of permanent or temporary residence

Police authorities will collect ID Cards, current Citizen Identity Cards in case citizens apply for conversion from ID Cards to Citizen Identity Cards or revision of Citizen Identity Cards.

QR code on a Citizen Identity Card already contain information on Citizen Identity Card number, ID Card number. Agencies, organizations, and individuals shall examine information on ID Card number, Citizen Identity Card number of citizens by scanning QR Code without requesting citizens to provide written verification of ID Card number, Citizen Identity Card number.

This Circular takes effect from July 1st, 2021. To replace Circular No. 07/2016/TT-BCAstatus1 dated February 1st, 2016 and Circular No. 40/2019/TT-BCA dated October 1st, 2019.

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