blue-check Overtime cap shall be increased to 300 hours/year and 60 hours/month

Resolution No. 17/2022/UBTVQH15 dated March 23rd, 2022 of the National Assembly Standing Committee on working overtime hours in a year, in a month of workers in the context of Covid-19 prevention and control, socio – economic recovery and development
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To help enterprises to recover production and business after Covid-19, the National Assembly allows increasing workers’ overtime cap to 300 hours/year (applicable from January 1st, 2022) and 60 hours/month (applicable from April 1st, 2022).

However, the following cases are not entitled to the increase in monthly overtime working hours and annual overtime working hours:

- Laborers aged from full 15 to below 18;

- Employee suffering from mild impairments with working capacity reduced by 51 percent and above; Employee suffering from serious impairments, exceptionally serious impairments;

- Employee who performs laborious, toxic and dangerous occupations or especially laborious, toxic and dangerous occupations;

- Female employee who reach seventh month of pregnancy or sixth month of pregnancy when working in upland, remote, border and island areas;

- Female employee who is raising a child under 12 months of age.

Enterprises must inform in writing the Departments of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs upon applying the aforesaid overtime cap.

This Resolution takes effect from April 1st, 2022.

The regulations at clause 1 Article 1 of this Resolution takes effect from January 1st, 2022.

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