blue-check Message format for making payment orders for transferring social insurance premiums

Dispatch No. 1995/BHXH-TCKT dated June 30th, 2023 of Vietnam Social Security regarding bank transfer
Posted: 6/7/2023 10:58:33 AM | Latest updated: 14/9/2023 11:15:23 AM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5737 | Vietlaw: 630

In order to ensure transactions of transferring social insurance premiums in a quick and accurate manner and they are automatically updated on systems of social insurance authorities, serving timely settlement interests of participants, Vietnam Social Security requests that with regard to payment orders made for transferring social insurance premiums, they are required to comply with the following message format: +BHXH+103+00+ code of unit + code of social insurance agency + dong BHXH+

In which, +BHXH+103+00+ is the default option as prescribed by social insurance authorities; code of unit is the code of the Company paying social insurance premiums; code of social insurance agency is the code of the supervisory social insurance agency of such company

In case of transfer by mobile banking applications: Enter payment information in the application.

In addition, Vietnam Social Security also notes that banks must not alter policyholder's information when executing payment orders.


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