light-check From July 1st, 2022: Minimum wage levels shall be increased by 6%

Decree No. 38/2022/ND-CP dated June 12th, 2022 of the Government providing for minimum wage levels for laborers working under labor contracts.
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From July 1st, 2022, minimum wage levels shall be increased according to corresponding regions as follows:

- Region I: 4,680,000 (increased by VND 260,000/month);

- Region II: 4,160,000 (increased by VND 240,000/ month);

- Region III: 3,640,000 (increased by VND 210,000/ month);

- Region IV: 3,250,000 (increased by VND 180,000/ month).

In case wages are calculated hourly, the minimum wage levels shall be applied according to these levels: VND 22,500/hour (Region I); VND 20,000/hour (Region II); VND 17,500/hour (Region III) and 15,600/hour (Region IV).

For laborers applying the form of wage payment on the weekly or daily basis or according to products or piecework, the minimum wage levels of such wage payment forms shall be either converted into monthly or hourly wage levels.

This Decree takes effect from July 1st, 2022 and replaces Decree No. 90/2019/ND-CPstatus3 dated November 15th, 2019.

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