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Official letter No. 1628/BXD-HDXD dated May 11th, 2022 of the Ministry of Construction regarding form of organization of construction investment project management
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In principle an investment decision maker may decide to apply form of project management based on scale, characteristics, funding sources and conditions for implementation of the investment project (clause 19 Article 1 of Law No. 62/2020/QH14 ).

If a construction project is funded by state capital other than public investment capital or other funds, the application of form of project management shall be carried out according to clause 2 Article 20 of Decree No. 15/ND-CP/2021 .

In case the investor uses its professional apparatuses to organize the project management, it is required to carry out according to Article 23 of Decree No. 15/2021/ND-CP. Accordingly, if the professional apparatuses is not eligible to manage, the investor may hire organizations or individuals that are qualified to engage in the project management.

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