blue-check In 2020: Grassroots trade unions may retain 75% of trade union dues for use

Guidance No. 36/HD-TLD dated October 25th, 2021 of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor regarding elaboration of financial estimates of grassroots trade unions in 2022
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According to this Guidance, in 2022, grassroots trade unions at enterprises may use up to 75% of revenue of trade union funds; 60% of revenue of trade union dues and 100% of other total revenue as prescribed.

In which, the expenditure on salary, allowances given to union officers is not greater than 45% of revenue of trade union dues which the grassroots trade union may use.

The expenditure on visiting trade unionists is at least 40% of revenue of trade union dues which the grassroots trade union may use and other expenditure is not greater than 15%.

The report on estimates of trade union revenue, expenditure in 2022 shall be made according to Form No. B14-TLD.

Please be informed that the attached form is neither translated nor included in the English file.
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