blue-check Guidelines for home-based care of F0 cases (version 1.3)

Dispatch No. 5718/SYT-NVY dated August 17th, 2021 of Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh city regarding update on “Guidelines for home-based care of F0 cases” (version 1.3)
Posted: 18/8/2021 8:08:55 AM | Latest updated: 26/8/2021 2:18:33 PM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5273 | Vietlaw: 523

Under the new guidelines, the F0 case under 50 years old that is asymptomatic or experiences mild symptoms shall be eligible for home isolation. Previously, it was only applied to those who are under 45 years old.

In addition, health agencies established “SpO2 measuring and oxygen providing stations” in neighborhoods to provide oxygen for F0 cases while they wait for the quick response team.

Regarding prescription for home-based covid-19 treatment, the guidelines for use of Molnupiravir 400mg is updated (take the drug twice a day for 05 consecutive days: 01 tablet in the morning and 01 tablet in the afternoon).

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