blue-check Guidelines for dealing with office buildings containing COVID-19 cases

Dispatch No. 2490/TTKSBT-BTN dated June 11th, 2021 of Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh city regarding provisional guidelines for dealing with office buildings containing COVID-19 cases
Posted: 23/6/2021 12:37:16 PM | Latest updated: 29/6/2021 5:30:38 PM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5233 | Vietlaw: 516

At companies/office buildings, upon detecting COVID-19 cases, need to perform these tasks:

- Extract working schedules of infected individuals;

- Produce list of people making contact;

- Identify level of contact;

- Consolidate list of people who have made contact and report to medical centers of districts in order to report to Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control for cooperative tracing.

In which, people who work near an F0 or stay within a 2-meter radius of an F0 are determined close F1/high risk; people who work in the same office building at the same time with an F0 are distant F1/low risk; people who make contact with a high risk F1 are F2.

F1 has to undergo concentrated quarantine for 21 days, collect test specimen for 5 times; People who made distant contact/posed low risk shall undergo self-quarantine at home for 14 days and collect test specimen for 3 times; F2 shall undergo self-quarantine at home and collect test specimen for 2 times.

Workers may only return to work after quarantining themselves in a sufficient period and receiving negative test result.

Please be informed that the attached forms are neither translated nor included in the English file.
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