blue-check Foodstuffs exported to the EU must be undergone the inspection of residues of Ethylene Oxide

Official letter No. 1150/BCT-KHCN dated March 8th, 2022 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade regarding guidelines for implementation of new regulations on food safety of the European Union (EU)
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In order to meet the new requirements of the EU, the Ministry of Industry and Trade recommends enterprises, before exporting foodstuffs to this market, to submit the application for quality confirmation to the Ministry of Industry and Trade for obtaining the written confirmation and inspection of residues of Ethylene Oxide.

Notably, upon requesting for confirmation of foodstuff quality, each enterprise has to submit evidences of shipment according to Appendix 1 of this Official letter.

In addition, within 5 working days from the receipt of the request, the enterprise has to coordinate with a food inspecting establishment (any establishment at Appendix 2 attached to this Official letter) in sampling, inspecting residues of Ethylene Oxide in foodstuffs.

In necessary cases, the Ministry of Industry and Trade may organize a delegation to inspect the assurance of food safety during the manufacture process of exported foodstuffs at the enterprise.

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