blue-check Documents on technical instructions on environmental protection in construction

Decision No. 1026/QD-BXD dated November 8th, 2022 of the Ministry of Construction on announcement of List of technical documents, instructions on environmental and urban technical infrastructure under the management of the Ministry of Construction
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Documents, instructions announced by the Ministry of Construction at this Decision include:

1. Instructions on classification, reuse and recycling of construction solid waste as leveling materials and raw materials for other manufacturing industries

2. Instructions on environmental protection in construction

3. Technical instructions on environmental protection in use of iron and steel ash as building materials, leveling materials

4. Technical instructions on environmental protection in use of thermo-electric ash as building materials, leveling materials

5. Technical instructions on treatment and operation technology of treatment systems of wastewater from the coal gasification process in production of building materials

6. Technical instructions on product quality classification and assessment, environmental impact assessment of building materials products from recycled plastic

7. Instructions on calculation of gasification of waste and garbage into substitute fuels

8. Instructions on process of classification, collection and transport of daily-life solid waste to island districts

9. Instructions on operation of advanced sequencing batch reactor (SBR) with aerobic granular sludge for urban sewage treatment in Vietnam

10. Instructions on methods for calculation of amount of solid waste generated for urban areas and classification of domestic solid waste according to treatment technologies

11. Technical instructions on collection, treatment of waste water from first-burial cemetery

12. Technical instructional documents on design of green works

Details are posted on the Ministry of Construction’s portal at the address:

This Decision takes effect from the date of its signing.

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blue-check Documents on technical instructions on environmental protection in construction
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