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Decision No. 2787/QD-BYT dated June 5th, 2021 of the Ministry of Health on promulgating guidelines on plans for covid-19 prevention and control in case of Covid-19 cases in business establishments and industrial parks
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This Decision is to promulgate the guidelines on plans for covid-19 prevention and control in enterprises and industrial parks/clusters nationwide, including: measures for covid-19 prevention and control in enterprises, industrial parks/cluster, rented accommodations and dormitories of workers and plans implemented in case of detecting covid-19 cases.

Accordingly, large – scale enterprises are required to establish “COVID-19 safety teams” to support steering committees for COVID-19 prevention and control of the enterprises.

During the outbreak, enterprises have to have fixed assignment of workers to factories, production lines and transport vehicles; reduce worker density in each shift and meal break; organize online meetings; allow working from home (for administrative units, accounting unit, etc.); regularly have all workers take rapid antigen tests, etc.

When having COVID-19 case(s), the enterprise needs to perform these tasks:

- Immediately adopt approved plans for prevention and control upon detection of a COVID-19 case.

- Made decision on temporarily quarantine of whole enterprise or each factory/production line/ production team/ production area/ work station where each confirmed case (F0) works according to actual situation.

- Isolate F0 cases at the working place and immediately notify health authority to have them transported to treatment facilities and carry out hotspot identification and disinfection.

- Inform all workers present at the enterprise and request them to properly make health declaration, comply with 5K requirements and stay in their factories; do not let workers feel confused or anxious.

- Urgently trace all first-hand contacts (F1) and second-hand contacts (F2); place all F1 cases under centralized quarantine and place all F2 cases under quarantine in their houses and lodgings.

- Draw up and send lists of F1 and F2 cases and those not present at the time of quarantine to Departments of Health/ district-level healthcare centers of the localities where these people are living for handling.

- Cooperate with Department of Health and provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention in testing workers according to risk levels.

- Evaluate epidemiological relations between other factories/ production lines/ production teams/ production areas/ work stations and areas where F0 cases work:

Notably, if multiple confirmed cases are detected in almost all factories/ production lines/ production teams/ production areas/ work stations, it is required to temporarily quarantine the whole enterprise.

The enterprise is only allowed to resume business operation when it meets all conditions, requirements provided at point 9.2 Section IX of these guidelines.

This Decision takes effect from the date on which is signed.

See more new instruction at Official Letter No. 9472/BYT-MT dated Nov. 8, 2021
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