red-check Amendments to some regulations on land valuler, weather modification and clean development projects under the Kyoto Protocol

Circular No. 11/2022/TT-BTNMTstatus2 dated October 20th, 2022 of the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment on providing amendments to Circulars on business operations under management of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam
Posted: 12/12/2022 8:37:45 AM | Latest updated: 17/9/2023 5:28:24 PM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5600 | Vietlaw: 593

This Circular amends, supplements to some regulations pertaining to applications, procedures in the field of land, including:

1. Circular No. 30/2014/TT-BTNMTstatus2 on application for land allocation/land lease;

2. Circular No. 07/2015/TT-BTNMTstatus2 on application for approval of land use plan of the agricultural or forestry company;

3. Circular No. 61/2015/TT-BTNMTstatus2 on issuance and management of land valuer certificate;

4. Circular No. 40/2014/TT-BTNMTstatus2 on application, procedures for issuance of groundwater drilling license;

5. Circular No. 09/2016/TT-BTNMTstatus2 on application, procedures for appraisal of weather modification plan

6. Circular No. 15/2014/TT-BTNMTstatus2 on procedures for Letter of Approval of projects under the Clean Development Mechanism within the Kyoto Protocol.

This Circular takes effect from December 10th, 2022.

Amendement notes
  • Please be informed that the attachments are neither translated nor included in the English file.
  • See more the amendments at point c clause 4 Article 1 of this Circular No. 09/2023/TT-BTNMT dated September 14th, 2023.

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