blue-check Amendments to regulations on supply of postal services from June 1st, 2022

Decree No. 25/2022/ND-CP dated April 12th, 2022 of the Government on amendments to some Articles of the Government’s Decree No. 47/2011/ND-CPstatus2 dated June 17, 2011 on elaboration of some contents of the Law on Post
Posted: 14/4/2022 8:06:00 AM | Latest updated: 22/6/2022 8:06:09 AM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5434 | Vietlaw: 560

This Decree amends many regulations on conditions, procedures for supply of postal services and responsibilities of postal service providers, including:

- Procedures for transferring an investment project in the postal sector;

- Applications for postal licenses and written confirmations of postal activity notification;

- Procedures for issuing postal licenses and written confirmations of postal activity notification;

- Announcement, disclosure of postage rates of postal services;

- Postal service sales promotion;


Notably, according to the supplemented regulations at clause 18 Article 1, the postal service sales promotion shall comply with regulations of law on commerce.

In case of discount, the discount must not exceed 50% of the most recently disclosed and announced price.

This Decree takes effect from June 1st, 2022.

From the effective date of this Decree, Circular No. 02/2012/TT-BTTTTstatus1 dated March 15th, 2021 of the Minister of Information and Communications shall cease to be effective.

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Published Vietlaw's Newsletter No. 560
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