red-check 2020 Law on Enterprises (applicable from January 1st, 2020)

Law No. 59/2020/QH14status2 dated June 17th, 2020 of the National Assembly on Enterprises
Posted: 9/7/2020 7:20:20 AM | Latest updated: 27/8/2022 11:06:42 AM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 4997 | Vietlaw: 474

The phrase “doanh nghiệp nhà nước” (“state-owned enterprises”) shall be replaced with “doanh nghiệp do Nhà nước nắm giữ 100% vốn điều lệ” (“wholly state-owned enterprises”) in Point m Clause 1 Article 35 and Point k Clause 1 Article 37 of the Law on State Budget No. 83/2015/QH13status2 ; Point a Clause 3 Article 23 of the Law on Irrigation No. 08/2017/QH14status2 , amended by the Law No. 35/2018/QH14status2 ; Point b Clause 2 Article 74 of the Civil Proceedings Code No. 92/2015/QH13status2 , amended by the Law No. 45/2019/QH14; Point a Clause 2 Article 43 of the Law on Management and Use of Weapons, Explosives and Combat Gears No. 14/2017/QH14status2 , amended by the Law No. 50/2019/QH14; Article 19 of the Law on Denunciation No. 25/2018/QH14status2 ; Articles 3, 20, 30, 34, 39 and 61 of the Anti-corruption Law No. 36/2018/QH14status2 .

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Penalty document

blue-check 122/2021/NĐ-CPFrom January 1st, 2022: Fines imposed on many violations against regulations on investment and business registration shall be increased


Effective date 1-Jan-2021
Expired date Unknown
Published Vietlaw's Newsletter No. 474

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Business registration

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