blue-check 17 groups of permitted road users in HCMC from August 23, 2021

Dispatch No. 2800/UBND-VX dated August 21st, 2021 of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City regarding revisions to regulations on permitted road users during social distancing
Posted: 23/8/2021 9:14:48 AM | Latest updated: 27/8/2021 7:39:12 AM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5275 | Vietlaw: 524

Ho Chi Minh city’s administration promptly changes, supplements some entities eligible to go out after August 23, 2021 in comparison with those specified in Official Dispatch No. 2796/UBND-VX issued on the same day.

Accordingly, groups of permitted road users under the adjustment, supplementation at this Official Dispatch include:

1A. Officials, public employees and employees of Communist Party, Youth Association, Fatherland Front agencies;

1B. Employees in essential finance sector: banking, securities;

2A. Employees of traffic and transport units in the City;

2B. Employees of units operating at Tan Son Nhat International Airport;

2C. Employees of units operating at Tan Cang Cat Lai Port;

3A. Shippers of delivery systems;

3C. Employees of electricity, distribution system;

3D. Employees relevant to export and import of goods;

4A. Employees of construction units in the City (water supply and drainage, public parks, urban trees, infrastructure, etc.);

4B. Companies that provide maintenance, repair services for agencies, buildings, apartment buildings, etc.;

5. Health workers and forces that assist health workers in Covid-19 control (unlimited quantity), people supplying drugs, medical supply, maintain medical devices at health facilities;

7A. Employees performing ancillary diplomatic activities;

7B. Employees of consular offices and diplomatic agencies performing ad hoc duties;

8A. Support, rescue forces (kitchens, charities, etc.) coordinated by Vietnamese Fatherland Front Committee of the City, associations and socio-political organizations;

8B. Support, rescue forces of Youth Union;

8C. Support, rescue forces of Women’s Union of the City;

9A. Provider of telecommunications services, press agencies, information technology infrastructure;

9B. Employees of state-owned post agencies;

10. Employees of notary service providers;

11. Employees of cleaning service providers of the City, funeral service providers;

12. Security companies; Employees of hotels, hostels serving as quarantine centers and Covid-19 control forces; Shippers of suppliers of food, medical devices and equipment serving Covid-19 prevention; Employees in the fields serving production, oil and gas outlets; Employees of food production facilities (bread, tofu, noodles, etc.), catering service providers; Providers of public services; construction, maintenance of constructions and equipment; Forces supporting Covid-19 control;

13. People going to get Covid-19 vaccination shots; Community Covid-19 teams;

14B. People going to market on behalf of other people;

15. Animal and plant quarantine officers;

16. Insurers (only perform activities relevant to assessment, processing of indemnity claims);

17. Employees of lodging establishments serving as quarantine facilities for foreigners, health workers, etc. under management of the Department of Tourism.

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