blue-check 10 laws pertaining to business and investment shall be amended

Resolution No. 94/NQ-CP dated August 20th, 2021 of the Government on the Session on elaboration of laws in August 2021
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At the session on elaboration of laws in August 2021, the Government gave opinions about the following projects, proposals for law elaboration:

1. The Law project on insurance business (amended);

2. The proposal for elaboration of the Law amending, supplementing the Law on Radio frequency;

3. The proposal for elaboration of the Law amending laws to remove difficulties in business and investment amid the Covid-19 pandemic;

4. The proposals for amendments, supplements to 188 Decrees of the Government, 20 Decisions of the Prime Minister, 135 Circulars in relation to fields subject to the state management of 21 Ministries, ministerial-level agencies;

5. The draft Decree on collection of charges for granting the right to use radio frequencies, auctions, licensing, transfer of right to use radio frequencies with regard to frequency companies.

Accordingly, with regard to the amended Law on insurance business, the Government requested to adjust regulations on provision of microinsurance products; the contribution to compulsory insurance premiums among specialized laws, etc.

With regard to the business and investment sectors, the Government agreed to elaborate the Law amending 10 Laws, including: the Customs Law; the Law on Excise tax; the Law on Enforcement of Civil Judgments; Law on Investment; Law on Public investment; the Law on Bidding; the Law on Public – Private Partnership Investment; the Law on providing assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises; the Law on Enterprises; the Electricity Law in order to completely resolve existing conflicts among laws. This Law project shall be added to the Program for elaboration of laws in 2021.

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